About Jeremy Rossi, Owner, and the History of Boston City DJs

My name is Jeremy Rossi, owner and founder of Boston City D.J.’s. I started my own company in 1983 when I was twelve years old; it was named Supreme Sound D.J.’s. I would take my parents’ home stereo system out of their house and D.J. my friends’ parties and school dances for free. I subsequently had many ventures with other companies in the industry over the years. While some of those experiences were terrible, some were amazing, and I learned a lot.

Jeremy Rossi DJ

Ultimately, I decided to start my own company because I was tired of watching the owners of these companies treat clients and their employees badly.

If I was booked for a certain date and another potential client called to see if I was available for that same date, they would double book me despite knowing that I can’t be at two places at the same time. We as entertainers never knew this was happening.

That, to me, is the worst business ethic you can have. Can you imagine getting a call the week of your wedding to be informed that you can't have the D.J. you booked? You would be surprised how many times this happens in this industry.

I wanted to start a company with amazing, honest, and great entertainers.

So I started one: Boston City D.J.’s!