Event Lighting & Design

Event lighting has become a must have for any elegant, unique, or upscale event space. Lighting always helps to enhance a room’s atmosphere as well as focus the attention of your guests on certain aspects of your special event. Before reading through these specific packages, we’d like to give you a touch of Lighting 101. With lighting design, it’s important to know what you would like to light and how you may want to light it. Many factors, including your budget, room dimensions (height/width/length), possible rigging points, and the amount of available power will help you determine the ideal lighting package for your event.

Options: Lighting options can be overwhelming. Lighting particular elements in a venue may have as many options as you can imagine. While there are hundreds of ways to accomplish lighting, sometimes with different fixtures that can do a lot of fancy things, they mostly have the same effect. Whether you want to go all out or keep it simple, what’s important is that you have the perfect lighting for your event that stays on budget and fits your venue’s size and power availability. If you need help going through some of these options, ask one of our professionals to help you.

Style: We find that many clients want to achieve a certain “look” or avoid another (for instance, a possible night club experience or an elegant wedding feel). The most important thing to note is that lighting is in the eyes and control of the operator and can always be adjusted to be as subdued or as exciting as you would like. We work with you to get a good understanding of the look, designs, colors, and timing of special moments so we can make your style a reality. For those trying to decide what lighting to get, don’t be afraid if it looks too “out of your style.” Lighting can always be operated or placed to achieve the desired effect or style you are looking for.

Décor and Centerpiece Lighting

Asian Umbrellas

Compliment your lanterns with Asian umbrellas hung upside down with white LED Lights in each for added effect.

Asian/Paper Lanterns

Add a unique, stylish look to your special event with Asian paper lanterns. These elegant lighting elements not only look good but have a soft, subtle glow with an ambient lighting white/amber LED effect. They are perfect for weddings that wish to add a contemporary glow. Sizes range from 3.5” up to 48”.

LED Asian/Paper Lanterns

Replace traditional lantern light with our enhanced LED lantern wireless battery powered lights, which allow controllable and changing light options. This is a great way to give movement to your lanterns through the use of color.

LED Centerpiece Lights

Are you looking to make your centerpieces come alive? With the use of wireless controllable programmed LED discs, your centerpieces will take on a totally new look.

Pin Spotting Centerpieces

There is also the option of Pin Spotting Centerpieces, which are almost like spotlights for your centerpieces. This creates a nice highlighted look for a room. It’s a great compliment to the LED uplighting package, as it creates a great dimension for your event space. The lights are placed on dressed pipe and bases around your ballroom and focused on your centerpieces.

Pin Spotting Centerpieces with Rigging

Rig your lighting from the ceiling in your venues. This is a great way to aesthetically remove all fixtures from your guests' sight and put the fixtures above their heads. This varies per venue and would require a custom quote.

Table Uplighting

Make your tables glow with the use of our LED wireless uplighting. Whether it is used in the cocktail or dining area of your venue, it gives a sleek highlight of brilliant color as the light gets soaked into the fabric of the tables and adds an exciting pop look to your event.

Table uplighting is best used with Spandex or a light iridescent fabric. It will work with white or light linen fabrics as well. Unfortunately, a black or dark fabric will not illuminate as effectively.

Intel Lighting

4 Point Overhead Truss

Overhead 4 point trussing is a square around the dance floor. This is a great option to create a sleek design to frame your dance floor.

Intel or Conventional T Stands/Trees

Go up 16’ in the air with two, three or four moving heads at once or with LED and conventional par trees. This creative option is great for bands when placed at stage corners or in unique positions of a venue.

Intel Pedestals

Pedestal lighting is a very elegant way to introduce lighting to your event. They offer a sleek design and can be placed almost anywhere in a room without being too intrusive. They are usually ordered in pairs and can also be used as optional hanging points for lanterns or to add ceiling washes on.

Intels with Rigging

Rig your intel lighting from the ceiling in your venues. This is a great way to aesthetically remove all fixtures from your guests’ sight and put the fixtures above their heads.

Overhead DJ/Band Truss

This truss style is great to give your DJ or band an extra highlight while still showcasing your dance floor. The truss is designed to go up and over the DJ or band and can be dressed with Spandex and interior truss lighting as well as custom options such as a back drape to frame everything together.

Gobos & Monograms

Customized Dynamic Monogram/Gobo

Add a moving light fixture that can change colors, move, and rotate to create a rolling logo or monogram that can move around the room. You can also add your gobo to an intel pillar option.

Customized Static Monogram/Gobo

This is a stationary image that can be displayed on a dance floor, wall, ceiling or other location.

Gobo Room Wash

Washing a room with stock designer gobos adds a great wallpapering effect that can transform your venue. It’s a great compliment to LED uplighting or color washes as it creates contrasting colors. Lights are used with dressed pipe and bases around your ballroom focused on your desired locations.

Washing with Rigging

Wash the room by rigging your lighting from the ceiling. This is a great way to aesthetically remove all fixtures and create a room washing effect with lighting that transforms the look and feel of your venue and visually compliments guests, food, and special moments.

Most of our packages are all inclusive and include local delivery and labor. Multiple package orders may qualify for special pricing. We also match and beat prices on the same products on any written quote. If you have any questions, please feel free to call and ask our professionals.