Up Lighting

Conventional Up lighting

Basic event up lighting adds the touch of elegance you need for any special event. Through the use of Par Can lights, Uplighting for special eventsyou can project the perfect color onto any wall or fabric. This is a great way to incorporate a color theme for your event. The static color wash is created by the use of gels that remain on the lights for the entire evening.

LED Up Lighting

With more than 16 million colors that can change throughout your event night or remain one single color, you will surely have a room that is dressed to impress! We use sleek, compact, wireless units that can be programmed on-site. Unlike traditional up lighting, this unit is battery operated so you won’t see any wires or cords around the perimeter of your event! With the use of LED lighting, the colors are vivid, bright and controllable.

Up Light Pipe & Drape Dressing

Whether you have no walls, dark walls, or areas in your venue that you want to downplay, our pipe and sheer drape dressing can offer a stunning visual to create or cover your walls or perimeter. The sheer fabric dressing soaks up the vibrant colors that you have selected for your uplighting to enhance the ambiance of your event.

Table Up lighting

Make your tables glow with the use of our LED wireless up lighting. Whether it is used in the cocktail or dining area of your venue, it gives a sleek highlight of brilliant color as the light soaks into the fabric of the tables and adds an exciting pop look to your event.

Table Up lighting

Table Up lighting is best used with Spandex or a light iridescent fabric. It will work with white or light linen fabrics as well. Unfortunately, a black or dark fabric will not illuminate as effectively.